Farm Regeneration Plan; 2022-2024 

Tree Planting and Woodland Management; carried out.

2022 / PHASE 1; The Nature Restoration Fund (NRF) granted The Glassie Bike Park a grant to do PHASE 1 of the long-term restoration project on the farm where they have bike trails for all abilities of downhill mountain biker. Up to 1500 trees were planted in newly created compounds, which created nature corridors and shelter belts along the core path route through the farm.

2023 / PHASE 2; This year is also funded with a grant from NRF. This is to create three pond features by using the springs that run all year and come out on the hillside. There will of course be more planting of trees and this year we will be working with PKCT (Perth and Kinross Countryside Trust) with projects for tree`s for every child. We are aiming at more than 1,500 trees again. These will be focussed on the area around the Purple Haze mountain bike jump line and the adjoining field.  The Woodland Trust has also gifted us 420 saplings and I have also sourced over 600 Aspen trees for riparian planting from 2 Scottish suppliers.

Northwoods Rewilding Project; we hope to get some funds through this great organisation to do some tree compounds for seed islands /  mosaic planting of Aspen along the burn that was clear felled, as I already have 100 Aspen and have a further 500 Aspen coming soon.   


Farm Regeneration Plan
Farm Regeneration

Meadow Creation (2024 focus target) Wet / Water Development Areas (2023 Focus target)

Between the mosaic of tree planting we are keeping the meadow habitats, these will be left alone to encourage voles and mice, which will in turn encourage kestrels and Barn / Tawny Owls along with other raptors such as Sparrow Hawks, Common Buzzard and Hen Harriers. This young barn owl picture below was taken when one of the young was seen testing his flying for the first time, he survived along with another from that same brood.

Other areas will be topped and have Yellow Rattle introduced to give variation in grass density which wildlife and certain plants require to thrive. There will also be additional cycle and walking paths introduced through the site.

We have now established a few leaky dams on the burns, in conjunction with a Mossy Earth project. These have now been washed away with the excessively heavy rainfall we had here in Oct 23. The aim of this is / was to stop the speedy flow of flood water to the houses further down its route and this will also hopefully raise the water levels behind them to create a varied wetland area and therefore help to attract new and diverse flora and fauna many of which are being lost in our countryside due to intensive farming. A bit of redesigning is required, but we will try to do it again, but better.

Bench Picnic Bench
Footpath and Seating spot creation

We have given permission for the P&K Core Path team to join up two footpaths by going through the centre of the farm, this is now what we call the Lower Glassie Circular Core Path, as the original route goes further up the track past the farm up to Loch Glassie and around to Weem Rock, this is now what we call the Upper Glassie Circular Core Path.

Our part of the Core Path is now having extra routes mown through the meadows which lead to view points overlooking Aberfeldy, where we have placed a few benches to provide rest areas to take in the view. 


Organisations helping us achieve our Rewilding Goals

Northwoods Rewilding Project
Northwoods Rewilding Project

We have just recently become the 50th Land Partner within this foreward thinking organisation.

Perth and Kinross Nature Restoration Fund
Perth and Kinross Nature Restoration Fund

We have been fortunate enough to be granted a fund to help us develop the Glassie Bike Park area (Phase 1), this will enhance the wildlife and create fantastic wildlife corridors along the Core Path area that goes through the site. The first of many nature restoration focussed projects for the site.

Mossy Earth
Mossy Earth

We have just had a site visit from the founders of this amazing organisation and are now in the process of working with them on hopefully a couple of exciting projects for the farm and nature. These are projects that include riparian planting and putting in leaky dams to enhance the biodiversity of the land, more to follow very soon...

Orchard Development
Heritage Apple Orchard Development

We are currently in the process of planting a variety of apple trees across a 3 acre plot on the farm. The end goal is to start making apple juice and sell the apples, also to pass the surplus apples on to Wasted Degree's Brewery so that they can make a cider from locally sourced fruits.

We have planted these old apple varieties so far, 2 tree's of each, unless stated otherwise;

Winter 2021 - 2022;
Bloody Ploughman / Stirling Castle / Lass O`Gowrie / Tower of Glamis / Hood`s Supreme / Lord Roseberry / Cambusnethan Pippin / Ribston Pippin.

Winter 2022 - 2023;
Thorle Pippin / Midlothian Blush / Lady Sudeley / Stobo Castle / Coul Blush / Sunset / Beauty of Moray / White Melrose / Cutler Grieve / Worcester Pearmain / Arbroath Oslin / Port Allen Russet / McIntosh Red (4) / Katy (4) / James Grieve (1) / Fiesta (1).

Plums; This year we also planted x3 Early Rivers Plum trees, as a start to the plum collection.

Winter 2023 - 2024;
Heritage Apples wanted soon are;

Delivery Dec 2023 - Galloway Pippin / Scots Bridget / Scots Dumpling / Red James Grieve.

Still to get; Hawthornden / Lady of the Lake / Lady of Wemyss / Siddington Russet / Cardinal / Tam Montgomery / Golden Monday / Golden Pippin / Love Beauty.

Orchard Development