The Bunkhouse Catering

The Bunkhouse Catering is here at The Bunkhouse. So, we are able to prepare you a selection of succulent and tasty offerings while your out and about doing activities, then you can come back to an amazing looking and fantastic smelling site. It could be a tasty half pig or lamb spit-roast or a meat feast BBQ selection. All of which are tailor made to suit your budget. The fully catered "Spit-Roast" option includes a locally produced pig / lamb, rolls and apple or mint sauce, plus a selection of salads and potatoes to suit your requirements.
Tell us your requirements and we will get back to you with a price within a few days;

Catering Options:

We can provide the following catering options at The Bunkhouse:
  • B-B-Q`s: Chinease Pork Ribs, Cumberland Sausages or chipolata`s, Venison / Beef or Lamb Burgers, Lamb / Pork Chops, Chicken wings or brumsticks and thighs etc.
  • Spit-Roasts; we can source you a succulent pig or lamb for a great crowd pleaser, or even just do a part of a pig for you if there are less than 25 of you, as a whole pig can feed 60 plus people.
For more details please telephone; Julian and Louise; 07849-689386 or landline; 01887-820265