Biking Facilities

The Bunkhouse at Glassie Farm is the perfect place for cyclists with plenty of great local cycling routes to explore, facilities include

Secure bike storage
We have a lockable shipping container with CCTV in use, this can fit 8 bikes hanging from wall hooks and a further 8 or so on the floor in bike stands.

Drying room
The perfect place for drying clothes and bikes.

Sufficient plugs
For charging e-bikes and electronic devices throughout.

Plenty of maps and local route information
On this website and on notice boards in units. These cycling routes can be viewed online and the maps downloaded.

Bike wash-down facility
Available on request, just a hose pipe and brush.

Bike workshop area and tools
Includes bike stand as pictured, allen keys, various bike tubes / sprays for cleaning and lubrication.

Juice Lubes

We also have a selection of lots of bike lubrications and cleaners which you can purchase directly from us by finding and asking Julian.

Juice Lubes are premium, high performance lubricants, fluids and cleaners, all designed and manufactured in the UK to help speed up maintenance - letting you spend more time on your bike and less time cleaning and repairing it.

Juice Lubes Pricelist

Chain Oil/Juice - Dry Conditions - £9.99
Chain Oil/Juice - Wet Conditions - £9.99
Chain Oil/Juice - Ceramic, Slick Shifting - £10.99
Chain Wax/Juice - Very Clean & Quiet, High Performance - £10.99
Viking Juice Chain Oil, All Conditions - £10.99
Frame Juice/Polish - £10.99
Dirt Juice Bike Cleaner - £9.99
Dirt Juice Super Concentrated Bike Wash & Degreaser - £14.99
Fork Juice Suspension Lubricant Spray & Cleaner - £10.99
JL69 Ultimate Wash Displacer, Protector & Lubricant - £7.99
Bearing Juice Waterproof Grease - £9.99
AAS Juice Anti-Seize Compound - £9.99
Dirt Juice Boss in a Can, Chain Cleaner - £9.99
Dirt Hero Juice, Super Power Degreaser- £11.99